A complete, easy-to-understand guide to cannabidiol (CBD) treatments and benefits. Often confused with the stigmas of medical marijuana, information around revolutionary cannabidiol (CBD) treatments has been unclear and inaccessible.

This straightforward guide clears away the confusion by breaking down all the studies, rumors, and medical information patients need to know. If there is a proven, legitimate way CBD can be used for medical purposes, this book details the evidence and describes how to do it.

Discover and learn how CBD oil can positively affect a variety of common ailments like anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, seizures, and more.

Also available in Japanese!

With so many companies eagerly looking to sell CBD products in newly legalized markets, it’s helpful to get honest advice from experts. Authors Konieczny and Wilson want to help readers take control of their health and feel empowered to use the therapeutic power of cannabis to help with a multitude of conditions and symptoms.

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